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There is a wealth of experience within the band with the founding members having played together for over a decade. Throughout this time, the band has enjoyed a lot of success in not only the club/function area, but also in writing and recording original material. This has involved  live radio appearances, performances at the Tyne Theatre and O2 Academy. The band have also wrote and recorded music for an Australian modeling agency.

The Moonstones are a very versatile band and can adapt to most situations in which live music is required, with the ability to alter set timings to fit around your special night.

Unlike many function and club bands of the modern era, The Moonstones are 100% live with absolutely no midi or backing tracks, so you will not be ripped off by the band. You are paying for a LIVE band, so you will get a LIVE band. What you hear is what you get!


Liam - Drums and Percussion

Paul - Bass/Vocals

John - Keyboard/Vocals

Dan - Guitar

Full Bio

The Moonstones started life as Mad Martha in the early 2000's, with founding member Paul McGuire. Mad Martha subsequentially split up and became Madam Martha. Madam Martha played together for around three years and had an ever-changing line up. However, John Hopkinson joined Paul in being the backbone of the band through its ever-changing line-up. With Madam Martha carrying too much baggage, their last gig was played on the 23rd of December 2006.

After months of contemplation about becoming an acoustic duo, John and Paul were asked to perform again and thus the spark was re-ignited, adding Kris Quinn to create a buzzing three-piece called, The Moonstones. All of the above ventures by the band generally involved playing covers. However, the band's original material was just bursting to come out and when the situation was right, the band started to add their own material to the set.

The band recorded their first EP in the early weeks of 2008 and at the same time decided it was time for expansion. Guitarist Dale Clarke was brought into the fold after his participation as a session musician on the EP, bringing a new edge to the band. After a short while, Dale left the band for unknown reasons as The Moonstones continued as a three piece again. John, Paul and Kris started to get a great reputation as an original material band, playing many venues across the North-East including the O2 Academy and the Tyne Theatre, as well as an appearance to over 60,000 people on Darlington's Alpha Radio in May. Just as the gigs were coming in thick and fast, Kris dropped the bomb-shell that he was leaving the band. This left Paul and John in an unfortunately familiar situation, but as ever the power of the music has driven them on!

The band teamed up with an independent UK record label and had some demos sent out to Japan, just as the bomb-shell of Kris leaving materialised.

In late 2011, through a fortunate ad, drummer Liam Westerby was discovered by The Moonstones. Liam had previously played in a variety of both covers and original bands, as well as perforing occassional session work. After the first practice, it was obvious this three piece clicked both musically and mentally. The possibility of continuing as a three-piece was discussed, however, it was decided that a fouth member was needed to add a fuller sound a richer dynamic to the set. Talented Yorkshire guitarist Matt Lucas, who was living in Newcastle whie at university, was added to the fold just a few weeks later. The band would concentrate solely on the wedding/function area, playing the best music from the 60's onwards, with the aim of putting The Moonstones back on the map as one of the North Easts top function bands. Original material will of course stay in the minds of the band just in case anything comes up.

After a re-establishing year playing parties and public venues around Newcastle, The New Moonstones began working with Freak Music as well as newly established live music agency AMV Live Music, in order to take on more bookings. As 2013 approached the midway point, Matt annouced that he would be leaving the band in order to pursie a career in the Marines. Matt left in early September, as The Moonstones immediately began to look for a replacement. While searching, there were still some gigs to honour, so The Moonstones played these as a three-piece and found guitarist Daniel Rutter, who was fresh and hungry after completing a music degree. Since Dan joining, the band has went from strength to strength. 

We are now in 2017 and The Moonstones have gained a reputation as one of the North Easts premier function bands, providing entertainment for clients all around the North East of England and further afield.

The band are pleased to be performing regularly as live performance lies at the heart of all things Moonstone's!!! The current line-up of The Moonstones is currently the longest serving, and they are currently in their strongest situation as group. The Moonstones are constantly seeking to out-do themselves as they continue on their current success era!

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